The California Register (TCR) was initially designed just for distribution to the seniors homes in the county, but then took on a life of its own. While we still make our seniors a top priority, we do make our issues available at pickup points throughout the California Central Coast. If you happend to know of a seniors home that does not receive The California Register Newspaper, please contact us to make sure they are included on the next distribution.

TCR does indepth stories and we don’t publish until the story is ready to go. This means we only put out about 2-4 newspapers per year. While our distribution is primarily along the Central Coast, we will occasionally distribute our paper to places where the story occurred.

Our articles are indepth and range from 5,000 to 10,000 words (per article). If you don’t like to read, you won’t like our newspaper. It’s designed only for the reader. Our distribution normally ranges from 10,000 to 20,000 papers, but it’s all predicated on the flow of advertising dollars.

In the Kristin Smart case, the initial story was nearly 30,000 words, a three cup of coffee article, and we distributed 32,000 papers. Kristin Smart was in her first year of college at California Polytechnic State University (AKA: Cal Poly), and vanished from the campus on May 25, 1996. TCR believes her body is in the rear left corner of a home in Arroyo Grande, California, but have been unable to get local law enforcement authorities to thoroughly investigate that area of the property. Each issue will have a follow-up story about the Kristin Smart case until her body is exhumed and returned to her family.

We are always interested in information for potential articles, virtually is fair game. But, we are particularly interested in govenment corruption. The American people have no clue as to just how corrupt our govenment really is. In some cases, they just keep re-electing corrupt officials back in office over and over again.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Please know that we guard our sources diligently. We know from experience that when a group or organization has someone within their ranks exposing criminal misconduct, they many time conduct a witchhunt which gets pretty nasty at times. For the people that have the courage to come forward to right a wrong, we do our very best to keep all information about you completely secret.

Thank you,
David Smallwood, Publisher/Editor