Kristin Smart and Paul Flores in their pre-teen years. Little did either know how their paths would cross down the road.

Defense lawyers asked the judge to move the trial feeling Paul and Ruben could not receive a fair trial in San Luis Obispo County. The judge wisely granted the motion so as to not give the defense yet another thing to appeal a conviction on. What the other “things” are, remains to be seen. One big one is the fact the prosecution has yet to discover Kristin’s remains.

Judge Jennifer O’Keefe will now preside in Superior Court in Salinas County, California. Trial expected to begin on or before June 11, 2022.

For the newbies, Paul and his father Ruben Flores are going to trial for their alleged respective involvements in the disappearance of Kristin Smart 26 years ago on the campus of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

The California Register believes the body of Kristin Denise Smart was/is buried in the rear left corner of the home at 529 E. Branch Street, Arroyo Grande, the home belonging to Paul’s mother Susan Flores. We say this with a high degree of probability because of anecdotal and scientific evidence.

The anecdotal evidence suggests that Paul Flores knows a lot more than he’s telling about Kristin’s disappearance. Here are some interesting facts that no one is talking about…

  1. the earring found on Susan’s back patio by the tenant. It’s possible Kristin’s earring came off as her body was being moved. According to the woman who found the earring, there were specks of dried blood on it. She worked at the hospital and was very well aware of what blood looked like on clothes and jewelry.
  2. the sheriff’s office mysteriously “losing” the earring after received into evidence, the detectives have never been questioned or come forward about their involvement in receiving the earring into custody as potential evidence.
  3. the loss of the photos taken of the earring by sheriff’s detectives. Resident tenant Maryann Lassiter said one detective held up the earring while the other took pictures of it. Those pictures were concealed from the parents of Kristin Smart.
  4. the failure of the sheriff’s office to even tell the parents of Kristin Smart of the existence of the earring. One would think the first thing law enforcement would do is to see if Kristin’s mother recognized the earring raising the specter that Kristin was possibly at the Flores home at sometime.
  5. the beeping watch believed to be Kristin’s that kept the tenants up all night. The watch was believed to be buried in the soil next to the home belonging to Susan Flores, Paul’s mother. The beeping noise could be heard in the back bedroom of the home. The alarm was set the time Kristin normally awoke in the morning before going to swim practice.
  6. the blood on the bathroom wall and shower curtain in 529 E. Branch Street noticed by Maryann Lassiter after renting the property from the Flores family.
  7. the failure of the sheriff to even attempt to obtain the Q-tip used to swab the blood from the shower curtain from Maryann Lassiter. Maryann Lassiter believes she still has the blood-stained Q-tip in one of the storage boxes in the garage.
  8. the frequent attempts by Ruben Flores to obtain the trash can from the rental unit (529 E. Branch St. AG) as described by Joe Lassiter. After several attempts to retrieve the trash can, Joe told him to take the trash can and leave him alone. He was tired of the harassment. The trash can may have held blood evidence that may have been bothering Ruben Flores terribly.
  9. the multiple alerts by grave-detection dog BUSTER in 2014, who by that point had found hundreds of body all over the world. BUSTER was not a certified cadaver dog because when his owner retired BUSTER retired as well… but his finely tuned nose had never retired.
  10. the failure of the sheriff to bring in his own cadaver dogs to prove or disprove BUSTER’s alerts, It’s as if the sheriff did not want to find Kristin.
  11. the failure of the sheriff’s office to consult with retired Det. Paul Dostie and Dr. Arpad Vass who have made it their life’s work to find clandestine graves
  12. the failure of the sheriff’s department to properly investigate the rear left corner of Susan’s backyard, instead they flipped a coin to determine if they would dig up the suspicious concrete planter box which roughly measured about the same size as a coffin and curiously had no drainage normally required of any planter box. Most sheriffs truly interested in finding a missing person would at least listen to any person and decide from there if they are credible. The sheriff decided from the beginning he wanted nothing to do with Detective Paul Dostie and Dr. Arpad Vass. The question is WHY?
  13. the failure of the Flores family to allow contractors to dig up that portion of the yard with a promise that if no body was found it would be replaced exactly as it was. Normally, if someone is wrongfully being accused of burying a human body in their backyard, the innocent would want to clear their name and stop all the whispers behind their backs throughout the community.
  14. the fact a patio was dug and poured in the dead of night by Paul Flores (and an accomplice) very soon after the weekend Kristin disappeared
  15. the comments by Dr. Brian Ekenrode of the FBI after reading Dr. Arpad Vass’s analysis of the data collected from the vapor-well tests. Dr. Ekenrode purportedly said that based on Dr. Vass’s analysis of the VOCs collected during the vapor-well test in the next door neighbors backyard, he could write a search warrant immediately to excavate the yard in search of human remains.
  16. the admission from Paul Flores to his roommate Derrick Tse at Cal Poly saying that he killed Kristin and her body is at his mother’s home.
  17. the blackeye Paul Flores obtained which he lied about how he got it three times, an elbow during a basketball game, fell in the bushes, injured by the steering wheel while allegedly installing a stereo unit in his small pickup truck.
  18. the detection of Kristin remains by Dr. Arpad new patented QUANTUM OSCILLATOR machine after inserting the fingernail clippings of her mother Denise Smart.
  19. the hit received on Dr. Vass’s invention (QUANTUM OSCILLATOR) at the Cal Poly campus that pointed directly at Paul Flores’s dorm room.
  20. the hit received on the QUANTUM OSCILLATOR in front of the sheriff’s office pointing at the evidence locker in the sheriff’s headquarters area.

Scientific evidence involves…

  1. the result from the vapor-well test conducted February 2020 that detected human-specific volatile organic compounds near the rear left corner of Susan’s backyard.

For some crazy reason the county sheriff is doing all he can to avoid Susan’s backyard. Sheriff Ian S. Parkinson would rather put a mill-stone around the neck of the prosecutor by forcing him to conduct a no-body homicide case.

Prosecuting a murder case without a body is very difficult because it automatically introduce seeds of doubt in the minds of the jurors. Very few “no-body” homicide cases ever result in a conviction. The criminals normally get off scot free. And because of the double jeopardy rule, they never having to worry about being tried again even if the body is discovered the following day after walking out of the courtroom.

So, it begs the question. Why in the world would sheriff and the DA’s office risk losing their case because the sheriff failed to properly and fully investigate Susan’s backyard? We have no answers for that, but we can tell  you that something very stinky is going on in this case. Something politically stinky is interfering with the due process of law and the proper prosecution of this case.

Way back in June 2014, BUSTER the super grave-detection dog, searched around the perimeter of Susan’s home and alerted multiple times. The sheriff was notified of the alerts and chose  to ignore BUSTER’s alerts.

Sheriff Ian Parkinson didn’t bring in his own “certified” dogs to verify BUSTER’s alerts. He didn’t get a search warrant, he didn’t call in BUSTER’s dog trainer/handler, a retired police detective, for a conversation or consultation. The sheriff didn’t call up all the neighbors who were more than willing to have the sheriff’s department dig up their yards to determine the presence of human contaminates.

The sheriff completely ignored BUSTER’s alerts.

We ask ourselves, why in the world would Sheriff Parkinson ignore the alerts? Was he trying to insulate himself so he could have what most politicians are expert in using as cover, a thing called “plausible deniability.”


Roll the clock forward. On February 5, 2020, Katahdin Environmental conducted what is called “vapor-well tests” in the adjacent yard owned and rented out by Marcia Papich. A vapor-well test is where a pipe with holes in it is driven into the soil then hooked up to a vacuum device. Over an approximate 24-hour period, the vacuum sucks the air out of the soil and concentrates it in an effort to detect and trap volatile organic compounds  (VOCs) that are human specific.

Dr. Arpad Vass, one of the leading authorities on the detection of clandestine graves, said that when a human or animal dies, the decaying body emits as many as 500 identifiable volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Thirty of those 500 chemicals are human specific. Detection of human-specific VOCs in this method is construed as scientific proof, which could be used to obtain a search warrant.

Dr. Vass notes that VOCs generally migrate through the soil with moisture. Detection of human-specific VOCs could mean the body is close by, or further uphill from the location of the test. Another factor to consider is if the body was buried in concrete which could have interfered with the normal migration of VOC chemicals in the soil.

The vapor-well test was completed and the team that extracted the data approached Dr. Vass to analyze the information collected. Dr. Arpad Vass concluded there was a high degree of probability a human body was buried in close proximity to where the test was conducted. The test was conducted on the other side of the fence from Susan Flores’ home and in the very spot where BUSTER alerted six years prior.

Since Paul Flores was doing “midnight” concrete work in his mother’s backyard immediately following the disappearance of Kristin Smart, it’s logical to believe the detected human remains were most likely that of Kristin Smart. Dr. Arpad Vass, in his analysis of the data collected from the vapor-well tests concluded the following…

“In this particular scenario (given the above assumptions and caveats), it appears as if the concrete did influence the evolution and liberation of some key compounds of the decompositional process. However, a 75%+ match of expected and detected compounds indicates a relatively high probability of a decompositional event.”

Dr. Vass’s QUANTUM OSCILLATOR is so incredible, it can sometimes determine the race of the buried individual and can actually measure the femur bone, the longest and strongest bone in the human body. In other words, Dr. Vass can possibly determine how tall the individual was in life from the femur bone.

Again, the county sheriff was completely disinterested in this incredible new science, or he already knew Kristin Smart’s body is there, and for whatever reason didn’t want to dig up her remains.

So, there you have it. BUSTER the super grave-detection dog alerted multiple times nearly eight years ago, then many years later, scientific proof emerges there is a high degree of probability that a human body is buried in close proximity to the rear left corner of the home belonging to Susan Flores. With this proof, the sheriff could have immediately obtained a search warrant, but he ignored it all.

For some unexplained reason, the sheriff is fixated on Ruben’s home on White Court. Prosecution is saying Kristin’s body was buried behind or under Ruben’s home but recently removed. Have you ever tried to move a human body that has been decaying for twenty-five years?

The likelihood Kristin was buried on Ruben’s property is highly suspect because moving a body after many years would have left traces of Kristin in the soil that could still be detected. There are 206 bones in the human body.

After a human body decays over two decades the cartilage and tendons that hold all those bones together also decay. Moving skeletal remains would have been virtually impossible without leaving something behind.


Paul Flores (age 43) as he was heading to jail awaiting trial.

As much as it pains us to say so, it appears both Paul Flores and his father will be found NOT GUILTY and will walk out of the courtroom as free men.

The double jeopardy rule says that Paul Flores can never be tried again, even if he walked out of the courthouse yelling, “I killed her and there’s nothing you can do about it.” He could then take reporters to the exact spot he buried Kristin explaining how he killed her and transported her body to her final resting place.

While he is laughing and flipping everyone the finger, he can never be tried again for the murder of Kristin Smart.

The sheriff and the district attorney will be credited for screwing up this case so badly, that they put a killer back on the street. That’s what is at stake here.

We believe that Paul Flores was telling the truth when he allegedly told his college dorm roommate that he killed her and buried her in his mother’s backyard.

We believe Paul was telling the truth when he said he got his blackeye from an elbow. It wasn’t a fellow basketball player’s elbow, it was Kristin’s as she struggled for air as Paul but her in a choke hold from behind.

If the jury finds Paul NOT-GUILTY, there will be no closure for the Smart family or for the community that has been deeply immersed in this horrible tragedy for over a quarter century.

Paul and his father will get a book and movie deal entitled, “How I beat the rap and made them all look like fools.” Paul who probably still has a major drinking problem will die an early death from cirrhosis of the liver. The nightmares of the murder will continue to haunt him for the rest of his life.

Paul’s father Ruben will probably die of a heart attack. We are told he’s had multiple attacks before and is not in good health today. It wouldn’t surprise us if Ruben succumbs to a massive heart attack while he sits at the defendant’s table.

Susan Flores will sell her home and move to a different location. By now she’s probably pretty tired of people whispering behind her back and may opt to get a new start in a different venue.

Dr. Vass and Detective Paul Dostie will continue their hunt for other clandestine graves to help give families and communities the closure they desperately need. Their expertise was summarily rejected by San Luis Obispo law enforcement personnel in the Kristin Smart case. They simply didn’t want to hear what they had to say.

Dr. Vass is occasionally a victim of slanderous lies from people who are jealous of his work in forensic anthropology, but has an impressive resume and incredible track record. Many times Dr. Vass is not credited with find, because unscrupulous law enforcement members claim they found the body, but only after Arpad told them where to dig.

Recently, Dr. Vass and his QUANTUM OSCILLATOR machine helped to locate a skeleton in Alabama which was confirmed by the state archeologist. Dr. Vass is currently working of a case in Mississippi which could be a significant find, but the adipocere is currently being analyzed at the lab.

Cal Poly will go on as if nothing ever happened. The sheriff will retire and probably become an adjunct professor at Cal Poly teaching police science.

And, one day in the future, the body of Kristin Smart will finally be reclaimed from her cold concrete grave behind the Flores home, closing the final chapter of the Kristin Smart case in San Luis Obispo County.

And sadly, nothing will be learned from any of it. All the people involved will most likely never be held accountable, from the individual who caused the death, to the law enforcement and community members who helped to coverup their crimes.

Nothing to see her folks, just keep moving along.



I have interviewed literally hundreds of people on the Kristin Smart case. Those testimonies and my own gut instincts tell me Paul Flores killed Kristin Smart and members of our community helped him to escape justice for now 26 years.

Since Kristin’s disappearance in 1996, Paul has had numerous jobs. In his off hours he allegedly rapes women. At least that’s what prosecutors would have us believe. During a 2020 raid of Paul Flores’ San Pedro home, deputies discovered homemade rape videos the suspect made of himself having sex and sodomizing women, along with two bottles of date rape drugs.

Rape videos were also seized that included titles “Drugged and raped while passed out” and “Blond high school girl in skirt gets raped.” Prosecutors wanted very much to include multiple rapes along with his murder charge, but were denied.

Whether a California jury will convict him and his father remains to be seen. The unknown factor is why. Why in the world did three sheriff’s in a row, protect Paul Flores from being brought to justice? The so-called lost earring tells us all we need to know that the fix was in decades ago.

Obviously, the sheriff has (or should have) enough evidence convict, but without Kristin’s body, it’s a long uphill legal slog that may not have very good odds of success.

The trial will probably continue until September sometime, unless Paul finally capitulates and cuts a deal with prosecutors to let his parents off the hook and he will confess to his crimes. Don’t hold your breath, unless of course, the sheriff saunters over to Susan’s home and exhumes Kristin’s body.

I personally believe that Kristin’s body is where it always has been, in the rear left corner of his mother’s home. I also believe that a select few in law enforcement and administrators of Cal Poly knew exactly what happened within a few days of Kristin’s disappearance. This has always been just one big stinky political and legal coverup.

I pray I am wrong. But, I believe in BUSTER’s nose and my own instincts. We shall all see what happens this summer and the final outcome of the Paul Flores murder trial.

David Smallwood