received a text msg on January 18, 2024, saying the Smart family has apparently announced their intention to sue California State Polytechnic University (AKA: Cal Poly - SLO).

The location where BUSTER and BOSCO the cadaver dogs alerted on soil from the area around the rear left corner of the home belonging to Susan Flores, Paul's mother.
Paul Flores spotted July 29,2017, in Food4Less grocery store located in Arroyo Grande, California

For most people, the case is now over. Paul Flores was convicted and sent to prison. But until the body of Kristin Smart is exhumed and brought home to her family, the case will never be over.

It’s terribly sad. Paul Flores, still consumed by hate, has decided to keep the location of Kristin’s body a secret and hurt the Smart family for as long as he can. Paul doesn’t understand that his soul will never rest until he has fully atoned for what he has done.

The California Register believes in the incredible ability of the grave detection dogs trained by Retire Detective Paul Dostie. Both BUSTER and BOSCO have alerted on the soil that is adjacent to the home in Arroyo Grande where Paul’s mother lives (Susan Flores).

If there was nothing to hide, Susan Flores on anyone else would give full permission to excavate her backyard to conclusively prove that the body of Kristin Smart is not there. We believe she is there, buried in concrete in the rear left corner of Susan’s backyard as one faces the house from East Branch Street.

Paul Flores (Inmate Number: BT6757) is currently assigned to a cell at the North Kern State Prison in Kern County, California. Odds are he will be transferred to the San Luis Obispo Men’s Colony so his parent’s don’t have to make the drive from Arroyo Grande to Kern County to visit Paul in prison.

We still believe that Cal Poly authorities quickly pieced together what happened and took overt action to sanitize Paul’s room in an effort to destroy evidence of a crime. We also believe that local law enforcement had a pretty good idea that Kristin was buried in concrete in Susan’s backyard but for whatever reason, decided not to properly search the backyard and never dug up Susan’s body.

Had law enforcement been given the case from the very beginning from campus police, Paul would have served his sentence for manslaughter and been released from prison more than a decade ago.

And, the women that Paul was alleged to have raped after killing Kristin Smart would not have been raped at all. That’s not to say Paul may have picked up where he left off and raped other women after being release from prison.

Sometimes a stint in prison does reform people. The recidivism rate isn’t a 100% from any incarceration facility. This is something we’ll never know, whether Paul Flores would have stopped his proclivity to dope up women so he could have sex.

If Paul’s attorney goes forth to appeal the decision of the court, Paul could get the ruling thrown out and be put back on the streets in a year or two. How can that be you ask? The appeals court could rule that Paul had no premeditation and should not have been convicted of 1st Degree Murder.

Paul Flores didn’t attend Swampy Fell’s birthday party to murder anyone. He was, however, hellbent on getting laid. Murder was not the plan. Therefore, any lawyer will tell you that a murder-one conviction for killing Kristin Smart was not appropriate because there was no premeditation to murder.

Our theory of what happens remains the same; Paul Flores (or someone else) probably doped up Kristin’s drink with a date rape drug. Paul saw an opportunity to get laid and maneuvered Kristin to his dorm room for that purpose.

Our theory also says that Paul was probably having intercourse with Kristin on his dorm room bed when she threw up in his face and instantly became fully aware that she was not in her dorm room. She also realized that she had been or was being raped by Paul Flores.

Being tall and a strong athlete, Kristin probably pushed Paul and told him she was going to report him for what he had done to her. For Paul, that was a scary prospect to have to be confronted with police authorities with the accusation of rape.

Paul Flores being booked by police a few days after Kristin disappeared for outstanding vehicle citations. One can see that his right eye is discolored. Later, he would lie to police about how he received his blackeye several times.

Our theory holds that a pushing and shoving match may have started. When Kristin turned for the door, Paul jumped her from behind and put her in a choke hold.

As she flailed her arms to get free and get some air, Paul exerted enough pressure to either suffocate Kristin or break her neck. She fell lifeless to the floor.

The flailing of her arms caused her elbow to connect with the right eye of Paul Flores giving him a blackeye.

Paul calls daddy who swung into action to help protect his boy. We suspect this happened because four sheriff cadaver dogs independently alerted on the phone receiver in Paul’s dorm room.

And, Susan was alleged to have told a coworker the next day that Ruben got a phone call in the middle of the night and took off in a hurry.

Even though the DA failed to provide enough evidence to convict Ruben (Paul’s father), we suspect that Ruben was up to his neck in helping his son hide or discard the body of Kristin Smart.

Both Ruben and Susan, dollars to donuts, know exactly what happened and were probably both deeply involved in the concealment of Kristin’s body.

The entire case is a tragedy from the very beginning. The Smart family lost a child and sibling who undoubtedly would probably would have grown up to make everyone proud.

The Flores family made mistakes and have suffered for decades for those mistakes.

Until Kristin’s body is returned, the suffering will continue as people in the community will always remember the parents didn’t do the right thing demanding their son call the police and come clean right away.

The people at Cal Poly who took overt steps to cover up a crime should also be ashamed. And law enforcement personnel who bungled this case from the beginning should also be ashamed for the way this all played out.

The so-called lost earring tells us all we need to know about how law enforcement handled the case. For those who have been following the case from the beginning, you know what we mean.

We shall see what the future holds, but we can tell you this… it’s not over until Kristin comes home.