APR 20, 2021, with no credible evidence, the district attorney made a statement that kristin's body was buried on the property belonging to the father of paul flores, but was "recently" moved. don't believe a word of it.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff, Ian S. Parkinson


The Kristin Smart case has taken a sudden turn.

Recently, Paul Flores and his father Ruben Flores were arrested. Paul was apparently arrested for the murder of Kristin Smart, and Ruben was allegedly arrested for being an accessory to murder after-the-fact.

Sheriff Ian S. Parkinson suddenly effected a warrant for Ruben’s house on White Court in Arroyo Grande, California. What was found is not clear. It could have been chicken bones and beer cans like the ones found during the huge dig behind California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly).


There is a strategy at play right now that involves a sudden and dramatic exertion of legal pressure on Paul Flores to capitulate and tell all he knows about Kristin’s last hours on earth. This dramatic legal pressure implemented by the arrests of Ruben and Paul also carries with it a hefty price as well.

Ruben will have to run out and get an attorney. Our guess is he’ll have to take some cash out of his real estate¬† holdings to pay the $350 to $500¬† per hour that attorneys normally demand.

It’s possible the sheriff is implemented a full-court-press by threatening prison time on family members if Paul Flores does not confess. It’s also possible that Paul is being told the next stop for the sheriff is a warrant to properly search his mother’s home at 529 E. Branch Street.

Most of our readers know that on June 2, 2014, we were assisted by retired police detective Paul Dostie and his famous dog BUSTER to search the adjacent yards around the home where Susan Flores resides. After walking only about 50 feet, BUSTER spun around a locked up like a bird dog.

Detective Dostie said, “trust me, there is human decomposition in that soil. The information was given to the sheriff of BUSTER’s alerts and the sheriff did nothing. Why is unknown. The sheriff would probably tell you that he did not want to pursue the dog alert because he did not have enough evidence to convict Paul Flores and wanted to continue his investigation.

Suddenly and recently, the sheriff apparently thought he now had enough evidence to convict and arrested Ruben and Paul.

Eventually, they will be heading over to Susan’s home on East Branch Street to finally dig up the left rear corner of the back patio to determine once and for all if Kristin was buried in concrete behind the home of Susan Flores.


We are convinced the body of Kristin Smart can be found under and in the concrete of the rear left corner of the home where Susan Flores resides. Whether the sheriff arrests Susan Flores as an accessory remains to be seen. Whether the sheriff arrests Paul’s sister Ermalinda as an accessory also remains to be seen.

We believe that law enforcement officials knew what happened to Kristin early on after she disappeared. We believe Cal Poly authorities attempted to destroy evidence of Paul’s alleged crime by first sanitizing dorm room 128 in Santa Lucia Hall on the campus of Cal Poly, then sending in a renovation crew in the hope that no one could find a scintilla of evidence that Kristin Smart died in Paul’s dorm room.

We guarantee the body of Kristin Smart was buried behind the home of Paul’s mother Susan. We have been hoping since JUN 2014, that Sheriff Parkinson would recover her remains and end the nightmare that has plagued both the Smart family and the community for nearly a quarter century.

Our counter clock since Kristin disappeared will continue until her remains are finally recovered from Susan’s backyard and identified as those of Kristin Denise Smart.

As of the date of this article, it has been 6 years, 10 months, 16 days since BUSTER alerted over what is believed as an area very close to the concrete grave of Kristin Smart.

More to come…. stay tuned…