Each and every year, a new County Grand Jury is sworn in on or about July 1st. And each and every year, yours truely files a citizens complaint against law enforcement to the San Luis Obispo County Grand Jury for their failure to properly clear the backyard of 529 E. Branch Street, Arroyo Grande, California. This is the residence of Susan Flores who is the mother of Paul Flores and Paul was the last one who was seen with Kristin Smart on May 25, 1996.

It is our concerted opinion that the body of Kristin Smart is (or was) transported from room 128 in the Cal Poly dormitory Santa Lucia Hall and buried in concrete in the rear left corner of the backyard at 529 E. Branch Street. We say this because the world famous grave detection dog, BUSTER alerted along the perimeter of the Flores backyard fence no less than four times.

In addition to BUSTER’s alerts around the rear left corner of the Flores property, other dogs alerted as well. The sheriff felt he could not get a search warrant on BUSTER’s alerts because BUSTER’s certification had lapsed after Detective Paul Dostie retired from the force. Of course, we asked the question, “If your driver’s license expires, does that mean you no longer know how to drive the next day?” We the answer is… of course not.

But to check on BUSTER’s alerts, soil was dug up from the fence-line perimeter and sent to other law enforcement personnel throughout the State of California who own and train grave detection dogs. Those dogs were tested on the soil and all alerted on the scent of human remains in the soil sample.

Additionally, soil samples were sent to research scientist and inventor Dr. Arpad Vass in Oakridge, Tennessee. One of the samples came up as a weak positive for human remains. It’s suspected by Dostie and Vass that the normal migration of human decompostion contaminates are possibly being blocked by the retaining wall that holds up the concrete blocks. The fence that surrounds the Flores backyard is partly comprised of concrete block to act as not only a privacy fence but also as a retaining wall since the property directly to the rear of the Flores home is uphill.

On top of all this, Dr. Vass invented a machine to locate bodies. He enters a tissue sample from a relative and his machine gives a bearing to the location where the body of the next of kin are located. His machine has the ability to measure mass. The largest bone in the human body is the thigh bone which when measured will give an indication of the individuals height. Since Kristin was 6′-1,” Dr. Vass could determine very easily if the person buried there is indeed Kristin Smart.

Dr. Vass triangulated Kristin’s location in or near the back yard of 529 E. Branch Street, but did not get a mass reading because when he was in Arroyo Grande, CA, that feature had not been incorporated into his invention.

This information was passed along to law enforcement who promptly did nothing.

Below are the citizen complaints that were filed with past Grand Jurys. Since the Grand Jury always operates in secret, it’s unclear if they actually acted on any of the complaints that were filed. We tend to doubt any action was taken.

2014 – San Luis Obispo Grand Jury Complaint

2015 – San Luis Obispo Grand Jury Complaint

2016 – San Luis Obispo Grand Jury Complaint

2017 – San Luis Obispo Grand Jury Complaint

2018 – San Luis Obispo Grand Jury Complaint
(complaint not yet submitted because we don’t yet have the proper form, but we are working on it)