We have seen the light and no longer publish a paper newspaper on a regular basis for distribution as it was done in the old days. The distribution costs were just getting too high and we had to deal with the realities of debits and credits. Oh, we may occasionally publish an “Extra” edition that will be mailed out directly to residences, but that’s only under extraordinary conditions. And we may continue to publish smaller quantities designed for distribution to senior homes throughout California.

Originally, the California Register (TCR) was initially designed for distribution only to the senior’s homes, but then took on a life of its own as more and more people demanded copies. While we still make our seniors a top priority, but as we mentioned above, we have dramatically scaled back the printing of our newspaper in broadsheet form.

TCR will continue to do some in-depth stories and perhaps print a paper version in much lower quantities, again primarily designed for distribution to our seniors.

We are always interested in information for potential articles, virtually anything is fair game. We are particularly interested in exposing government corruption. Before citizens go to vote, they should know how well their government is functioning. The American people have no clue as to the depth of corruption in our government.

Because of lies of omission, the public continues re-electing corrupt officials back in office over and over again. The only way to break that cycle is to provide information to the masses about government corruption that continues everyday unabated.

It all comes down to the rule-of-law. Some people believe in the rule-of-law, and others do not. This online news source deeply believes in the rule-of-law and in the basic concept that no one is above the law. Of course, we know there are people above the law or many of those folks in Washington D.C. would be wearing prison orange right now.

Since the life-blood for any reporter is his/her sources, we must protect our sources at all costs. People in government who have all the information on corruption of that government, are too easily targeted for retribution should they turn states evidence so-to-speak. We therefore pledge to protect our sources as much as humanly possible.

CONFIDENTIALITY  PLEDGE: We know from personal experience that when a group or organization has someone within their ranks exposing criminal misconduct, many times they conduct a witch-hunt to punish and silence that source of information, which can get pretty nasty. For the people that have the courage to come forward to right a wrong, we take extreme steps to keep our communication with confidential sources completely secret. We know how whistle-blowers are treated and we do our level best to protect anyone having the courage to blow the whistle on unethical or criminal misconduct.

Thank you,
David Smallwood, Publisher/Editor
The California Register (online) Newspaper