The People of SLO County Reelect Sheriff Parkinson

Andrew Holland

The people of San Luis Obispo (SLO) County made it clear, that they don’t care about the death of Andrew Holland and reelected Sheriff Ian S. Parkinson to continue his brand of leadership for four more years.

A man was tortured until he died. Who gave the order is still not clear to us. No one resigned, or was demoted or even reprimanded as far as we know. One of the people involved in the death of Andrew Holland was actually promoted according to one of our sources.

If the sheriff gave the order to put Andrew in the chair and his minions just blew off compliance with manufacturer’s suggestions that individuals be taken out every two hours, then Sheriff Parkinson should have fired one or more people, demoted one or more people and reprimanded one or more people. Then, as a matter of honor, he should have submitted his resignation as sheriff.

Torture and death at the hands of jailers is unacceptable for most people, but the people of SLO County gave him a pass. One wonders how many other deaths will occur before the people rise up to replace the sheriff. How many years will they give the sheriff to resolve the Kristin Smart case? Kristin is buried in the rear left corner of the property owned by the mother of the last person seen with Kristin twenty-two years ago.