Andrew Holland Dead, Kristin Smart Case Ignored for 22 Years — Some Fine Police Work that Is

Andrew Holland as he sat naked restrained to a chair for two days.

For those of us who are watching the so-called investigation of the disappearance of Kristin Smart from the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA  campus, we are now entering the 23rd year of her disappearance. At present, we find ourselves at an interesting time where the San Luis Obispo County sheriff is running for reelection and decision day is on TUESDAY, June 5, 2018. Since there are only two people in that particular race, the person who garners the most votes wins the race at the primary.

Normally the incumbent sheriff would have smooth sailing, but this time it could be different with the excruciating death of Andrew Holland and eleven others in the county lockup since the sheriff assumed command back in 2011. To our knowledge no one has been held fully accountable for Holland’s death after being strapped into a restraint chair for nearly two days. We shall see if the electorate will hold the local sheriff accountable on June 5th, or give him and the others involved a pass on this senseless and tragic death.